You don’t have to be perfect to begin

That statement applies to so many areas of our lives. We wait for the perfect body to love ourselves in our skin. We wait for the perfect partner to love someone else fully. We try to wait until we have our **** together to address our finances.

Life isn’t perfect. Life evolves. Your money will evolve with you too.

You do not have to have the perfect budget! Start aligning your budget with your values today! I’ll let you in on a secret, those values are going to change with you as you grow. So, your budget will always be changing! And no one is going to know if you need a couple drafts to find what works for you.

You do not have to have a massive income! You can start working toward your goals where you are right now. Every contribution toward your future matters, even small ones.

You do not have to know everything! Or anything, really. Hiring someone who can help you uncover your values, learn how to manage your own finances, and help you set goals is ok. That is exactly what Financial Planners are here for!

Please don’t wait to be perfect. Start today working toward a more secure and confident life for yourself.